"Our Filipino, Korean, and Thai food menu in Washington D.C. is a collection of our experiences. The dishes on our menu are our personal favorites. They’re restorative. They’re nurturing. They represent pride in our Asian culture. Our Kaliwa family takes this to heart and we hope to do right by these cultures."

— Chef Cathal Armstrong

At Kaliwa DC, we consider the act of eating together to be a sacred occasion—a universal act that builds relationships and fosters community. We are honored to serve you with our hard work and passion.

We have the highest respect for the cultures that we represent and do our best to ensure quality, excellence, and authenticity of ingredients. Ingredients are sourced from the relevant country and all components—from spice pastes to gravies and blends—are made in house to make up the Southeast Asian cuisine.

Every recipe showcased on our menu represents years of consultation with grandmasters and grandmothers, as well as immersive culinary and personal research.

Out of respect, the names of all Filipino, Korean and Thai food are in native tongue. A glossary [PDF] is available with each menu for your reference.

In the spirit of Salo-Salo (we eat together), our food is meant to be shared. We recommend ordering at least two dishes from each Southeast Asian region for a full experience. Your server will be happy to provide recommendations based on your palate and party size.